Tattoo Machine Repair By Chris




I Will Repair All Types of Coil Driven Tattoo Machines.

Tapping Striped Threads.

Replacing Or Repairing Broken Or Crushed Tube Vices.

Installing New Coils. Springs, Yokes, And Armature Bars.

Capacitors, Washers And  Shims. Thumb Screws, Finger Nuts, Acorn Nuts.

Spring Saddles, Retapping Metric To American Thread.

American Thread To Metric. Plastic Washers, Nylon Washers.

Brass, Steel, And Stainless Steel. Copper Parts When Available.

And Even Gold And Bronze When Available.

Coil Covers. Shrink Wrapping. Frame Painting And Alteration.

(Custom Built One Of A Kind Foot Switches).

Custom Wired Connection boxes for any type Connecter1/4 inch 1/8 inch banana jacks any available connector.

 Lab Grade Power Units For Sale Much Better Than The Tattoo Supply Companies Are Offering You.

One Of A Kind Binding Posts. Clip Cords, RCA Jacks,1/8 Inch Plugs.

Old School And New School Parts.

Soldering, Welding, And Brazing.

You Think It Up! I Will Build It, Or Fix It.


Contact Me Directly.

(978) 335-3594