With Tattoos by Chris.  You’ll find a talented tattoo artist, with years of experience, since 1982. Who will create the finest quality tattoos. Whether you want traditional, custom, new school, color or gray, we can bring your ideas to life, and design a tattoo that you will be proud to have chosen for your body. To Me I believe our goals are the same: To find and give you the perfect tattoo. I am committed to making your experience a positive one. With a little etiquette, from everyone, it’s not hard to do. Here are some helpful hints on etiquette and expectations when you come see me are no different than having dinner out at a good restaurant. You are the customer / client and I aim to please. In fact, there are guidelines for patronizing which assists you in knowing your rights as a Tattoo/ Piercing client when visiting Me. Remember it goes both ways --we too have the right to expect your conduct to be civil, polite and respectful. (And Never Ask Me To Tattoo Hatred of Any Kind). I Will under No Circumstances be involved or Invoked in That. So if you’re Smart you won’t even bring it up! (Take That Somewhere Else)... 

DO try to have some kind of idea what you’re looking for before you come to See Me- impulse buying isn’t, usually, a very good way to find a tattoo that you’ll be able to live with for the rest of your life. Of course, I am willing to help you explore ideas; but you should have some kind of idea that led you to the decision to get tattooed in the first place.

DO get comfortable. You want the best tattoo you can get so allow me to work in a relaxed setting, if breaks are needed say so! Don’t squirm and wiggle to get my attention so you can tell me that you are in need of a break. Just tell me and I will appreciate it and accommodate your natural needs. But don’t expect a break every ten minutes. I have a schedule to keep.

  DO tell me immediately about:

Any medical issues you have  ( i.e. pregnancy, Allergies, diseases, HIV, MRSA  Hepatitis,  medications Of Any Kind).  Don't Fool Around It Is Not A Joke. Let Me Know.

Any concerns you might have about getting tattooed. I Am there to work with you and make your experience As Pleasant and as easy as it can be. So please speak up.

Feeling ‘green’ or ‘funny.’ Tell me right away (don’t try to tough it out) so that he/she can deal with it- I Am prepared for it and knows how to handle it. : 

  (If Any Procedure I Perform Looks Funny Or Not Up To My Standards Or Yours For That Matter Let Me Know Immediately I Want To Know Immediately. The Last Thing I Want Is For You To Be Unhappy Or Unsure About Any Little Thing Anything At Any Time. it's not a little thing if it bothers you (gee I am not sure doe's that look right Did He Touch Something With his hands while gloved Up things like that I take very seriously and I want to know right then so I can correct my procedures Immediately)( speak up and SAY SOMETHING I Want To Know Immediately!!!!! )

I Want You To Have A Tattoo To Be Proud Of And Be Happy With. And Be Proud To Show in Any Company.  

DO NOT try to bargain with your tattoo artist like you’re at a garage sale or flee market. You wouldn’t try to bargain for a lower price with your dentist or store clerk. If all you have is a certain amount of money available ask me and see if I can assist you with that budget or save up until you have the full amount. Bargaining in a tattoo shop is an exercise in bad taste; and the quickest way to tick you artist off. The last thing you want is your tattoo artist mad at you when he starts tattooing you. Bargaining is offensive. If you’re going to get something that you’re going to wear forever, do you want to go into this experience with a “flee market” expectation or the top of the line” mind set. (If You Are Looking For Quick And Or Cheap Please See Another Artist.). 

DO NOT ask your artist to draw something just to see if he can. There are people who come into the studio and ask for one thing to be drawn after another without every getting a tattoo. (This is why I require a deposit on drawings. I Do Not Draw For Free).

DO NOT (bring a “cheering section” With you). Many shops will not let ANYONE accompany you into the tattoo area and it is prohibited by many state laws. You’re free to ask about bringing a friend but, not many artists want 3 to 5 of your friends crowding around and disturbing the work area.

DO NOT bring children With You without asking first- call ahead if you have to. Your tattoo artist will really appreciate it if you can find a ‘sitter’ for the kids so that you can come to the studio alone. There are hazards! And Other Things that children can be exposed to, (Grabbing At Equipment, Crazy People, And Possible Nudity. Things A Child Should Not See.) And you will not be able to appropriately supervise your child while getting a tattoo or piercing. (This is your time to relax). Children can be very distracting to everyone in the Area.

DO NOT Come To See Me if you’ve been drinking or if you’re under the influence of drugs. Come sober nobody likes dealing with drunks.

This may all seem to be common sense but the reality is that tattoo artists deal with breaches of this etiquette all day, every day. A little common courtesy and etiquette can go a long way towards making your entire tattoo experience much more rewarding and pleasant. It’s a small price to pay for a big reward.

Thank You. Tattoos by Chris


Must be 18 Years of Age to be pierced Or Have parental consent

You Must Be 18 Years Old To Be Tattooed! 

(If You Are Pregnant Have HIV. MRSA or Hepatitis or Any Fatal Blood Bourne Diseases You Will Not Be Tattooed By Me.)

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