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Instructions for Caring for a New Tattoo

You Must Be 18 Years Old To Be Tattooed!

Taking care of a new tattoo can prevent health problems and protect the quality of the image. 

Remove the bandage one to two hours after completion. 

Wash gently with cool or lukewarm water, using a mild soap. 

Pat dry. (Don't rub!) 

Apply very thin coats of A&D ointment and work into the skin. Too much ointment can pull color out of the tattoo. 

Avoid soaking the tattoo in water or letting the shower pound directly on it. 

Avoid the sun, sea and swimming pool until healed. 

Never pick at scabs. They will fall off as the tattoo heals, usually in one to three weeks. 

Use ice packs if swelling or redness occurs. 

(Call a doctor if you have even the slightest signs of infection.)

And Notify Me Immediately!

 (Please Call Anytime For Any Questions You Have On Healing Your Tattoo!)



Creating a Tattoo: Sterilization & Prep Work
a tattoo machine creates a puncture wound every time it injects a drop of ink into the skin. Since any puncture wound has the potential for infection and disease transmission, much of the application process focuses on safety. We use sterilization, disposable materials and hand sanitation to protect ourselves and our clients. 
To eliminate the possibility of contamination, tattoo materials, including inks, ink cups, gloves and all needles, are single use. Many single-use items arrive in sterile packaging, which I Will opens in front of the customer just before beginning work. 

An autoclave sterilizes tattoo Tubes and piercing clamps, opening and closing pliers before each use.

All Needles used by Chris:  tattoo and piercing Are Purchase Already Gas Sterilized 

(I also have plastic disposable tubes. but I don't like them. but I will use them on your request. )

Reusable materials, tubes, and clamps, opening and closing pliers are sterilized before every use. The only acceptable sterilization method is an autoclave a steam pressure unit often used in hospitals. Most units run a 55-minute cycle from a cold start, and they kill every organism on the equipment. To do this, an autoclave uses time, temperature and pressure in one of two combinations: 

A temperature of 250 F (121 C) under 10 pounds of pressure for 30 minutes 

A temperature of 270 F (132 C) under 15 pounds of pressure for 15 minutes

I Run the Autoclave At (273F) at 27 pounds of pressure for 55 Minutes at temperature. The temperatures Above Are Recommendations. (And (273F) at 27 pounds. just makes me feel safer and satisfied).

Prior to sterilizing the equipment, I clean each item then ultrasonic it and places it in a special pouch, sterilization pouch. An indicator strip on the pouch changes color when the instruments inside are sterile. 

Before working on customers, tattoo artists wash and inspect their hands for cuts and abrasions. Then, they should do the following: 

I Disinfect my work area with an EPA-approved Solvent 
I Place plastic bags on spray bottles Tattoo Machines And All Electrical Cords And Even My Footswitch. To prevent cross-contamination. 
I will explain the sterilization process to the client. 
Remove all equipment from sterile packaging in front of the client. 
Shave and disinfect (with a mixture of water and antiseptic soap) the area to be tattooed. Or Pierced
If There Is Anything I Do That You Have A Question With, Or Your Not Sure About Do Not Hesitate!

(Say Something To Me. I Want To Know IMMEDIATELY!!!!! )

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( If You Are Pregnant Have HIV. MRSA or Hepatitis or Any Fatal Blood Bourne Diseases You Will Not Be Tattooed By Me. )